Spring Flowering Branches

Flowering Pink & White Cherry, Forsythia, Quince, Prunus, Peach, Apricot, Plum, Tulip Magnolia, & More.

Our Flowering Branches & Blossoms including pink & white cherry branches, forsythia, quince, tulip magnolia, prunus, peach, apricot, plum, flowering dogwood, & more.

Flowering Branches from our farm include pink & white flowering cherry branches, forsythia, tulip magnolia, quince, prunus, peach, apricot, plum, & more.

  • Bunch Size:    Each type of flowering branch has a standard amount of stems per bunch.  Some branches such as tulip magnolia have 2 to 3 stems per bunch, while other flowering branches like apricot and plum have  10 stems per bunch.
  • Stem Length:  The average flowering  branch length is 48″.  We have shorter and taller sizes available.  Please call us at 888.815.0885 or e-mail us at sales@oregoncoastalflowers.com
  • Bloom: Flowering pink cherry is a double flower, while most other types of flowering branches produce a multitude of single flowers all up and down the stem.  Click on your branch of interest on the right to see more details about that type of branch.
  • Shipping:  We suggest bringing your branches in 8-10 days prior to your event.  See handling and forcing instructions on the next “flowering branch care” tab.
    • All bulk flowering branches are harvested when in bud stage and then either forced into bloom or stored in a cooler to keep them from blooming.  This process allows us to manipulate the stage of the bloom to meet your needs.
    • During the season, the bloom stage of our product changes.  We suggest calling us to get a suggestion as to the delivery date in regards to the bloom stage relative to your event.  Call us at 888.815.0885 or e-mail us at sales@oregoncoastalflowers.com.
    • Your branches are shipped in large plastic bags.  This is the industry standard and works very well for shipping.  It keeps your branches hydrated and keeps the buds from getting bruised.
    • Upon arrival of your branches, recut the bottom of the branches with large branch cutters and place them in fresh water.
    • If your branches are in tight bud stage, place them in a warm room at about 70-75 degrees until the buds are open enough for your event.
    • In case the branches are already open, keep them in a cool place out of direct light.  This will hold them back until your event.
    • Again, we encourage you to be in communication with us in regards to the best time to ship your product.  This will prevent a lot of extra work and panic on your end.

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